Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When I watched this movie a lot of questions popped up in my mind and when the Oscars were showered on it the number of these questions increased.
First of all a common Indian is puzzled whether it is an Indian movie or a foreign movie? Should we own or disown it? The million dollar question is: Is it a glory or shame to India? Should we be happy or sad about it?
All the negative and darker aspects of India are shown in this movie. The poor children of slums and their indecent living,the riots, the ugly face of police,the horrible atrocities on children and even the K.B.C. has been put under a shadow of suspicion, justice has not been done to Amitabh Bachhan or ShahRukh Khan who never made any sarcastic comments and were always polite and made the contestants at ease.

It seems western world's sense of supremacy is satisfied by such movies about developing countries.

It is true that these things do exist in India, and I appreciate this movie for touching our sensitivity. I was reminded of the children on railway platforms, some times begging or sweeping the train compartments, children- begging, selling odd things at traffic signals ,searching the garbage on the streets but these thoughts also give rise to more questions like why there were no positive experiences in the life of Jamal? Things could be learnt through some pleasant experiences as well but is it that these people have no positive experience at all in their lives? Why only the darker side of Indian life is shown?

There are many more questions, why the movie has been named Slumdog? It could have been Slum"boy" or Slum"kid" ...why Slum"dog"?

The name of the hero in the book, on which this movie is based is Ram Mohammad Thomas. It is the essence of the novel, it catches attention and it depicts all religions and no religion. Why in the movie the hero is named Jamal? Is it to give a communal color?

People are asking some more questions, they feel Lagan or Taare Zamin Par or Rang de Basanti are better movies and why Oscar was not given to any of them? Perhaps because they didn't have a foreign director.

Talent of A.R.Rahman is well recognized and he has given much more melodious music before. Let's not ask the question why award for this song and not for the other one? He has brought honour to the country and we are proud of him.

So the movie has done justice only to the title of the novel Q&A .It has made our minds a question bank and answers we have to find.
I am sure there are many many more questions in your mind.
Are you feeling stressed? Don't worry too much.

Just enjoy the music, Jai Ho!


Shilpi said...

nicely written!!!

Saurabh said...

This article brings out a lot of good points