Tuesday, February 10, 2009


‘Vote for me’
these are not the words of any politician looking forward to power and position, but they are artists- singers and dancers seeking your votes.

Recently the finals of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa were over and Vaishali was declared winner. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a nice, melodious, entertaining program. These reality shows are criticized on many fronts, such as, for putting lots of pressure on the performers –physical, mental, psychological, for imperfect judging, for biased voting systems,method of evaluation...and so on.

In my opinion the most dangerous thing these shows are doing is that of dividing the nation, on the basis of states, language and religion. In fact sometimes even the judges ask to vote on the basis of region or language. In Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the three finalists gave performances in their own states. Some national level artists and politicians were called to canvass for the particular candidates. And it was shocking to see that most of them appealed for vote on the basis of region and language. Had it not been better if Soumen,Yashita and Vaishali had performed in some other states, not their own, and votes were asked on the basis of performance. Artists and politicians belong to whole nation and they can be a bond for uniting the country.
People should vote on basis of talent and performance. The power and vote hungry politicians are doing a great deal in dividing the nation on the basis of caste and creed, and now this new platform has emerged for doing so.

It is not that Zee or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa or other such shows do not try to instill nationalism or patriotism. From time to time they fill the atmosphere with patriotic songs and any national festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and zest.
However I was amused to see the grand finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa entitled ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa - Challenge to Terrorism’. Don’t they realize that terrorism or any challenge can be taken up effectively only by being united and knowingly or unknowingly they are doing the job of disintegrating the nation.