Sunday, February 8, 2009


Why do I see darkness under lights
Why do I see sorrow beneath smiles

I go to beach…
It is sunny, nice and pleasant
People are happy and radiant
In the sands they are relaxing
With the waves they are playing

Why I think of those boys….

Posing like statue, making images on sands
In front of them some have thrown few rands
The sea is deep and vibrant
The boys are cool and patient

Some people are sitting in groups
There are smiling, glowing couples
Children shouting with coming waves
Enjoying the sea are the older ones

Why, I get a glimpse of those……

Who are lonely and depressed
Whose eyes are wet and sad

Why, after the match at beach is over and….

The successful ones,
everyone loves and admires
My heart goes for
struggling and the defeated ones

May be because……

I want to wish them Happy Days
With understanding of God’s ways.


Natasha said...

Very Nice & Beautiful poem... I would like to thank you for the lovely and caring words you have written on behalf of the ones for whom this is said :)

Life... said...

Very nice poem :-)

Shilpi said...

very nice thought...& beautifully written!!!

I me myself said...

Hello Deepa Bhabhi

I did not know you write such beautiful poems. You have very sensitively touched the subject.


swati said...

Congratulation!I couldn't realize that you are so much sensitive!everybody's heart will be touched by your feelings!Hope I can also think the same way as you!