Friday, December 31, 2010


Another new year knocks
With few dreams and new resolutions
 with the spirit of forget and forgiveness
 Is welcomed with laughter and cheers
 And celebrated with cakes and flowers
 On this lovely day with you are my best wishes
 May each day be filled with love and happiness
 Enjoy the achievement of your dreams and goals
 And find lucky charms always at your door steps       

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

alvida Durban


  सारा आलम ही  कुछ बिखरा बिखरा सा लगता है
  शौक से बनाया आशियाँ उजड़ा उजड़ा सा लगता है
नए अनुभवों  को संजो चलना  है अब ऐसा लगता है   
 अलविदा कहने का वक्त आया है अब  ऐसा लगता है 
 आये थे एक अजनबी से जहाँ में पर यहाँ हमने  बहुत कुछ  पाया  है
 याद रहेंगे यहाँ बिताए पल और कुछ  मित्रों में जो अपनापन पाया है
 भारतीय संस्कृति की मज़बूत जड़ों को फलते फूलते हुए यहाँ पाया है 
गाँधी जीवन शैली औ दर्शन को देखने का एक नया नजरिया पाया है
देखे हैं यहाँ  विभिन्न रंग  और  काले  गोरों की पहचानी बारीकियां हैं
प्राकृतिक छटातो  मनभाई है  और  जानवरों से भी बढ़ी नजदीकियां हैं

 खो से गए थे हम,  इस सुंदर शहर ने हमें लुभाया है
 पर क्या जीवन कभी थमा है  वक्त ने याद दिलाया है

      दूर  हैं नयी मंजिलें और  एक  नया आस्मां   हैं
       च लते हैं अब  हम जलाते  वहीँ  अपनी शमा हैं
  अलविदा  कहने का वक्त आया हैअब ऐसा लगता है

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Posted by Picasa The different parks in Orlando, Florida are just like a dreamy world full of imagination, beauty and glamour.
After a long flight form Johannesburg we reached Atlanta airport early morning. By the time immigration and other formalities were cleared, we realized that we had missed our connecting flight. We had to take the next flight to West Palm Beach. When we reached there it was afternoon and we were delighted to see our daughter and son in law at the airport. We were meeting after more than a year.
Now we were relaxed as they took charge of the rest of the trip. We went to a nearby Indian restaurant and had nice food. We drove to Orlando. We were quite tired when we reached the hotel and decided to take rest on that day as we had planned to visit Epcot next day.
There are four major parks in Orlando- Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood studio and Animal Kingdom. Even one full day is not sufficient for visiting one park. Epcot has wonderful rides and Magic Kingdom makes the Disney world alive. There fairy tales are reality and all the cartoon characters are there to welcome you. The babies in their prams and old ones in wheel chairs enjoy the park equally. We had some interesting rides and had a memorable time.These pictures are just a glimpse of the magnificence, beauty and the grandeur of the place.

From Orlando we drove back to West Palm Beach and stayed there for two days. It is a grand city and the clean and clear water of the beach is inviting.We drove to Miami beach the next day and had great time.

This time our journey was marked by missed and cancelled flights and delayed arrival of baggages. On 25th Our evening flight to New York was cancelled due to expected snow fall there and we had to take the morning flight. However, when we reached New York, the flakes of snow welcomed us. Our drive to New Jersey was pleasant. For the next few days, the snow covered roads and cars houses and tree tops made a charming sight.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Belated Wishes.


It is the dawn of a new year
With some dreams and hopes
It has a new shade and color
With few aims and resolutions
It is filled with my warm greetings
It is filled with my simple desires
I just wish that for all of us
It is a year of fulfilment and success
It is a year of love and true happiness