Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The fire of Valentines Day is still simmering in India.Every year valentines day brings the message of love.All over the world flowers,cards,gifts are exchanged between the loved ones.They sing and dance to celebrate the supermacy of love.Few realise that it has covered a difficult journey as path of love is always full of thorns.Ironically world has always opposed true lovers.There are no better examples than the stories of legendary lovers Laila majnu, Shiri Fahrad and Sohini Mahiwal.
In India we were not aware of" Valentines Day' a few years back but suddenly it became popular as well as controversial. So I tried to take a glimpse into the history of the valentines day and I realised that it has taken a sweet & sour journey.
Valentines Day traces it's origin in Rome. In 3rd.century, When Emperor Claudius11 banned marriages in his state as he thought that married persons did not make good soldiers,then St.Valentine conducted secret marriages.He was punished for it.In jail he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailor and it is said that she was cured due to his intense love.He was executed on 14th feb.A.D.270. When he was taken for being executed he wrote a farewell note to her signed 'Your Valentine'.Since then this phrase came in use.
It is also associated with the Roman feast of Lupercalia which was given in honour of Goddess Juno,the Goddess of marriage.In this feast a lottery game was played in which through lottery girls and boys were selected as pairs for the festive season and sometimes they got married also. In the beginning Church was opposed to these traditions but later on it accepted it with changes and moderations.
The month of Feb was seen as a romantic month , on 14th feb.hand written notes were exchanged between young boys and girls.Men tried to impress and win their girl friends.

From Rome these traditions spread to England,France and other Europian countries.In England and France They thuoght feb 14, a romantic day.No, doubt today when the world has become so small the Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world.
Previously only hand written notes were exchanged but later on it was replaced by flowers,beautiful cards and gifts.Miss Eisther Howland is given credit for sending the first Valentine card

For India Valentines Day is relatively new phenomenon but the way in which some groups and organisations are opposing and harrasing people is highly condemmable They have no right to interfere with lives of other people and impose themselves in unlawful manner.Instead,people should be taught to celebrate it in a proper way and maintain it's spirit.
' Valentines Day ' should be seen as victory of true love and sweetness and sacredness is the soul of Valentine tradition.

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