Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is always an end to the sunshine and brightness
With a dark charm the night falls and the moon comes

The cold showers take place of hot summer days
With joy you Watch the dancing drops of rains

The winter comes and gives a shivering glance
Breeze is cold and sun is seen only by chance

You enjoy the seasons, nights and days
But prepared you are to fight the odds

While enjoying the wonderful seasons and cozy days

Don't you Keep ready your caps or fire or umbrellas

God's treasure is full of stones and gems
It consists of thorns and the rose petals

So the journey of life is not same always
It has changing colours and differnt tastes

While enjoying Life's wramth and sweetness
Be prepared for cold nights and rough days

Courage and Faith and Wisdom are your ways
With patience fight difficult and sad days

God's treasure is a mixed bag of surprises

So be prepared to accept whatever He showers.

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