Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am back!

Today I am writing after a long time.

We (I and my husband) were in Holland with our son and as time spent with children is always pleasant, we spent some nice time with him. This time Our son had nicely planned a trip and we visited Belgium,Germany,Austria and Switzerland. The natural beauty and elegance of these places is still afresh in mind, although I missed visiting Tulips Garden near Amsterdam which I had seen last year and it had really fascinated me but this time it was closed.

The weather was nice,a little warmer. We took boat trips and day tours and saw most of the important places. Enjoying the nature; we admired the architecture and beauty of buildings.

Our trip to Titlis Mountains in Switzerland was most remarkable and we enjoyed the cable car trip, the mountains, the ice and were amazed to see so many Indians there.

There were captions written in Hindi, Indian food and above all our national anthem was being played there. Up at the mountain in the caves there are few buttons,by pressing them you can listen to the music of your choice and one option was Indian national anthem as there were many Indians we could listen Jana gana mana...all the time. I would like to share some photographs and refresh my memories again.