Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Recently We visited Egypt. It was quite exciting though it started on a little disappointing note.When we arrived in cairo airport on 4th. morning,we realized that my husband's baggage had not arrived.My son who had arrived from Holland a few hours earlier was waiting outside.It took some time to clear the formalities and finally they promised to deliver the baggage next day in the Hotel.When we came outside the airport we found the city quite colorful and interesting and in some ways it reminded us of India.
We decided to go to Alexandria by train to have a real glimpse of the place.
The resort in which we had booked the room was nice and comfortable.
For next two days my husband was quite busy in the conference so I and my son hanged around and in the evenings my husband also joined us.There are various places of historical importance...castles and gardens,mosques and beaches. Bibliotheque is magnificient.People are nice and friendly. My Bindi was always a centre of attraction and though most of the persons don't know much English phrase like 'Welcome to Cairo' is very common.But very soon we realized that there is a tendency of charging much more from tourists.We also became a little smarter and started bargaining a lot.
On 7th was karwa chauth .I had taken menhadi cone,karwa and some other pooja stuff with me. That day I didn't go out.The moon was visible at around 8.After worshipping we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner.
On 9th we took a taxi to Cairo.After checking in the hotel.We took a short cruise to Nile river It was cool and beautiful .The dance and music programme was enchanting.
Next day we visited museum and pyramids at Sakura and Giza.Mummies in the museum were quite interesting.When we reached airport in the night we were tired.We had a light dinner.There we met some Indian friends who had also come for the conference.While we were chatting & waiting there, one lady came and asked us wether we are from India and she told us that she was a big fan of Bollywood movies.We remembered that Taxi driver was also remembering Amitabhji.
When we reached JoBurg next day ,we felt like we have reached home .In Durban one of our friends had come to pick us. After reaching home we were relieved to see every thing in place.I wanted to call my son but we saw his mail that he had reached safely.So we decided to have a cup of hot tea before doing any thing else.


Sbm.McLaren said...

Nice pics Mami. Spectacular place.

Seema said...

very nice pictures!!!

just saw them


Shilpi said...

nice pics.....& nicely written...


Deepa ji, pics bahut hi achhi lagi. is bahane hum bhi videsh dekh lete hai.